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Resident Pig Fell Gravely Sick So Loving Woman Sings Sweet Lullaby To Comfort Him

Did your mom ever sing you lullabies? You may have been too young to remember. In this video, Corinne DiLorenzo is going to sing to a very sick pot-bellied-pig. The pig is named Bentley, and he is only nine months old in the video. Bentley had bacterial meningitis and was given only a 10% chance of survival. DiLorenzo wasn’t about to give up on him. Bentley beat those odds and did fully recover!

Meningitis did take away Bentley’s sight, but his ears are working well, and in the video, DiLorenzo is singing to him to help calm him down. The hospital noises can be a little scary (especially if you can’t see what is going on). You can see that Bentley is very grateful to have DiLorenzo there and singing to him!

Take a look at this video

DiLorenzo wrote that just like all pigs, Bentley is affectionate and intelligent and has learned to never give up. Share away, people.