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Researchers Were Happy To Catch A Rare Lynx In The Wild — Until It Opened Its Mouth

You undoubtedly know the song “Old MacDonald.” So, we all know that a cow says “moo,” a horse says “neigh,” and ducks say “quack” – right? We all learned those things when we were kids. But, what sound does a lynx make? Does it meow like a cat? Do they purr? Maybe they roar like lions do. The Lynx isn’t in any nursery rhyme song, so I can’t say what sound they make.

Thankfully, a video was taken by Swan Valley Connections, an education, and conservation group based out of Montana. It features a rare Canada lynx who walks into view and then stands still. The sound that the lynx makes is unlike any sound you have ever heard! To me, it was part growl and part roar!

Take a look at this video

I wonder if this lynx was calling to her babies or maybe to another lynx in the area. Share away, people!