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Rescuers Hear Strange Sounds Behind Locked Door. When They Opened It, I Cried.

How many dogs is too many to have in one home? At one time, we had five – that is A LOT of dogs! Let me tell you. One abandoned home in Gallia County, OH, was home to three horses and 66 dogs! The conditions, as you can probably imagine were horrific. We worked hard when we had those five dogs to make sure they were properly fed and care for.

Some people have no clue what it means to own and care for animals. It must have been heartbreaking for the Humane Society of the United States to go into that house and see how those animals were living. Can you imagine the emotions the dogs and horses must have experienced when the front door finally opened?

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Consider making a donation to the Humane Society or an animal shelter near you. Share away, people.