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Rescuers Come Across A Ginger Cat With A Large Empty Tape Roll Over is Neck

Cats are curious, and that can be trouble! Just look at this poor ginger kitty. The cat probably thought that roll of tape would be a fun toy – but it turned out to be a trap that the cat couldn’t get out of on his own! Some people found the cat living on the streets in a California neighborhood.

They knew the cat was in trouble and wanted to help. But, no one could catch the cat! Even animal control was having trouble getting a hold of him. Chris Gattas and Kimberly Saxelby put a trap just a few feet away from the cat.

The kitty was laying under a car at the time. They waited and hour but the cat didn’t move (figures, cats never do what you hope they will). Finally, (finally) Chris managed to catch the cat in a net!

Turns out the poor cat was in really bad shape, the wound on his neck indicated that the roll of tape had been there for a very long time.

His neck was infected and covered with rotting flesh. At the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter, the healing process began.