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Woman Who Claims To Rescue Dogs Either Abandons Them Or Shoots Them Dead

The last thing you would expect from a person who rescues dogs is to find those very dogs dead at that person’s home. But, it happened. A woman, Whitney Smither, reportedly said she rescued over 100 dogs from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter in Texas. Recently, she was accused of abandoning those very dogs.

When authorities went to her home in Horatio, Arkansas, they found eight dogs in the yard had been shot. The person responsible for killing the dogs is Brian Moore, Smither’s boyfriend. Moore said the dead dogs either had heartworms or were a threat to people and livestock – so he shot them.

Take a look at this heartbreaking image

dead dogs

Image Credit: Dallas News / Kerry Anechiarico

Smither was not in the state when the dogs were shot and has not been charged. But dozens of other animals Smither adopted have yet to be found. Authorities are now asking for help in finding all the other animals Smither’s adopted. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]