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Rescued From Slaughterhouse, This Calf Sneaks Into The House Looking For Love

Big or small most animals love cuddles at some point in their lifetime. Most of us associate cuddly creatures with cats, dogs, and baby animals. Well, in this video we have a baby animal who needs a hug. Hugs are powerful – they can make you feel better. This video features Samuel, a bull calf.

He was rescued from a slaughterhouse when he was only a few days old. He may not ever fully understand the gravity of that event – but he does know hugs rock. Samuel was cared for and raised by the kind folks at Santuario Gaia Sanctuary. In this video, we see Samuel sneak inside for hugs and kisses!

Take a look at this video

Samuel is not at all bothered by the dog. The dog, however, is patiently wait his turn! Be sure to kiss and cuddle with all your four-legged family members! Share away, people!