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Rescued Kangaroo Shows Her Gratitude Every Single Morning, And It’s The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Have you ever watched the movie ‘Kangaroo Jack’? Ironically, he was portrayed as a boxing kangaroo – but in real life, kangaroos do not participate in boxing matches! Instead, their strength lies in their tail and hind legs, were a large capacity of muscle can easily knock their opponent over.

Although kangaroos are known for their extremely powerful legs in battle, we are talking about a different topic here –  this story has nothing to do with kangaroos feeling threatened at all.

In Australia, a Kangaroo Sanctuary named Alice Springs has a famous resident of its own – Abi the kangaroo has been in the sanctuary since she was little, and loves her caretakers to bits!

Abi the kangaroo is now 10-years-old – and she’s still giving her caretakers daily hugs!

Take a look at the video below!

All hail Abi, ‘Queen’ of the Sanctuary!

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