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After Being Rescued And Raised By Huskies, This Cat Totally Thinks She’s A Dog

This is Rosie. One look at her and you would say that she is a cat. Appearances can be deceiving – Rosie may look like a cat on the outside, but inside she is all dog! Rosie was rescued by Lilo, a Husky, and a human mom.

Here is the day that Lilo first came home, she snuggled up to Lilo right away! No one was quite sure the tiny kitten would even survive, she was limp and lethargic.

But snuggling with Lilo seemed to comfort her and Lilo didn’t mind the company. Rosie bonded with her new canine mom quickly, and soon she was able to walk on her own.

As time went on, the bond between the two grew – here they are enjoying some free time at the park!

Lilo and Rosie also like to go kayaking together! Just like a dog, Rosie will walk on a leash, and sit still for photos! It is said that Rosie can also be seen panting like a dog!