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Rescue Dog Was So Traumatized He’d Pee When Touched, But Watch When They Muzzle Him

Dogs are loyal and loving if raised and treated properly. Dogs will love you unconditionally and forever if you treat them well. A mistreated dog is easy to recognize. They may cower when you try to touch them, or they could be aggressive. They may fall to the ground, go limp, and pee when you come close. They have learned that people are cruel and mean.

The dog in this video, Otto, learned that lesson. His history of neglect and abuse must have been terrible. The kind people who rescued him started to think that he may be unadoptable. No one would want to adopt a dog that peed on the floor when he was touched. Grab a tissue before you hit play, the beginning isn’t easy to watch – but you may cry tears of joy at the end!

Take a look at this video

They didn’t give up, and a few months later, Otto was a different dog! I’m so happy for him!

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