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Dog With A Bed Continues To Sleep Standing Up. Then Rescuers Realized The Reason

Dog meat farms are sad and unhappy places. The dogs that live on those farms are being held there and will eventually be killed for their meat. Some cultures consider dog meat – good to eat. There are rescue organizations around the world working to have all dog meat farms shut down.

Once rescued, the dogs are then flown to all parts of the world in the hopes that they will find forever homes. One batch of rescued dogs ended up in Tampa Bay, Florida. Harriet, a three-year-old dog, was given her own pillow to sleep on. The first time the young dog had had a proper bed. She didn’t know what to do with the bed!

Take a look at this video

The staff at the humane society took a video of her falling asleep while she was sitting on the bed. Happily, a short time later, Harriet realized she could lay on her new bed! Share away, people.