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Rescue Dog Heard Cries Coming From The Water. Who He Saved? INCREDIBLE!

Bernese Mountain Dogs are, according to the American Kennel Club, strong, good-natured, and calm. The large dogs love to be outdoors! Hiking, walking and even pulling children in cars are things they enjoy doing.

The Bernese Mountain dog in this video actually saved the life of two swimmers that had gotten caught in a riptide at a Ventura County beach in California. A riptide, according to is a swift movement of water moving through inlets. A woman had gotten stuck in the rip tide, and her husband had gone out to get her – but he got stuck too.

Take a look at this video

Dan Clarke, the dog’s owner, said the was shocked when his dog ran right into the ocean to save the drowning people! Nico, three years old, had never done anything like that before! But, the couple that was saved was truly grateful!

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