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Couple’s Rescue Dog Is Acting Strangely, Leads Them To 3-Year-Old Girl Lying Naked In Ditch

Peanut is a hero. Peanut is also a formerly abused dog – but that didn’t stop her from saving a human who needed her help.

Peanut was adopted by a family from the Delta Animal Shelter last year. She had been nursed back to health after suffering horrible abuse.

Last week Peanut’s family shared her amazing story with the shelter.

dog saves little girl

Image Credit: Delta Animal Shelter

Peanut saved the life a three-year-old girl. Peanut was acting unusual one morning, barking and running around.

The couple followed her outside into the field behind their home. They found a three-year-old naked and curled up in a ditch. The little girl’s parents were found.

dog saves little girl

Image Credit: Delta Animal Shelter

The authorities have placed the child in protective services when the conditions at her home were found to be unsafe and unsanitary.

Peanut’s mom wrote that Peanut is a part of their family – without Peanut, the little girl may have never been found! Good girl, Peanut!

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