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Rescue Cat Lives The Life Of A Princess – Sleeps In Her Little Doll Bed Every Night!

Sophie, the gorgeous black and white cat you see in the picture was rescued from a hoarding situation when she was three years old. Sophie and all the other animals rescued were cared for by the Animal Rescue League of Boston (AFL). Happily, Sophie was soon adopted by a loving family.

Sophie is very grateful to have space and two loving human parents to live with. When she first came home, she would sleep on the top of the dresser in her parents’ bedroom. Christiana Viscusi, Sophie’s mom, said she tried to get the cat to come sleep on the bed, but Sophie preferred the dresser. So, Christiana cleared off the top of the dresser and put Sophie’s bed up there!

Sophie decided that was a wonderful compromise and has enjoyed sleeping there ever since!

And who wouldn’t? She has her very own comforter and stuffed toy! In fact, Sophie has a collection of blankets and sheets!

Christiana says Sophie only gets up once during the night at about 3 AM for a quick snack – then it is back to bed!