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Rescue Baby Rhino Won’t Sleep Until Rescuer Sings Her A Special Lullaby

Even a baby rhino that was rescued is capable of showing love and affection to the humans who rescued it! A baby rhino was rescued after being through an ordeal and needed to be checked over for any injuries, but, the rhino had never encountered humans before and wasn’t about to let anyone touch her!

One rescuer from the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary decided to try something to help the rhino calm down. You know the saying that music calms the savage beast – right? So, with guitar in hand, the man played songs for the baby rhino and guess what?! It worked!

Take a look at this video!

It took some time, but eventually, the baby rhino relaxed and fell asleep on the floor next to him! The two shared a special bond from that moment on! Share away, people!