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Reporter Stepped In Front Of The Camera, But The Horse Has The Crew Bursting Out In Laughter

When you watch the morning or evening news, a common sight is to see stoic reporters on television reporting to you onsite, often live and despite any circumstances much to their dismay. Sometimes however, there are rare moments where news bloopers occur! Onsite news reporting has its disadvantages sometimes, it is unpredictable!

One such example is this news reporter below. He was shown to be in front of a horse stable and a horse. Apparently, even though he tried to report the news properly, the horse would not allow him! In fact, it seems to have taken a liking to him instead!

Image Credit: Kostas Arvanitidis / YouTube

The horse constantly nuzzles its face onto the reporter’s head and neck, interrupting the news report! Despite his best efforts, he could not stop the horse from disturbing him!

Image Credit: Kostas Arvanitidis / YouTube

Check out this video!

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