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Man Shows How To Remove Heavy Snow From Roof With A Single Piece Of Rope Easily

Some people look forward to the winter to enjoy a white Christmas.

There’s also something romantic, festive and beautiful about seeing a house with a layer of snow glistening amidst the Christmas lights.

But snow can also be a source of roof problems. If it’s not carefully dealt with then you could risk a roof collapse.

It can also be annoying to have snow fall on your head each time you walk past your door or stand by the sides outside your property.

Thus, you’ll really need to do something about this heap of cold, white fluff piling on your roof.

Only, the job to remove snow on your roof is not so simple.

You have a lot to consider if you’d like to do this yourself and save some money instead of paying someone to clean your rooftop.

If you’re not used to working above ground, it’s going to be quite the effort.

Can you imagine yourself shoveling snow off your roof?

But do you know that you can use a rope to effectively remove a heap of snow?

You don’t even have to risk an injury if you follow this effective trick and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this, too.

A man shared a video of how he uses a rope, as well as a hammer, to lessen the deep layer of snow up on his roof.

First, he climbs the roof while carrying a long rope and hammer.

He ties the rope’s ends with the hammer so that it won’t be easy to lose.

Then, he throws this hammer on the ground.

He carefully positions the middle of rope on the edges of a snow pack on the roof to form an outline of the corners.

The man then goes back to the ground and retrieves the hammer tied with the rope.

If you’ve spent much time skiing or snowboarding, you probably have an idea where this trick will end up.

So, as the man stood on the ground, he takes both ends of the rope and then carefully pulls the rest from the roof.

He keeps pulling at least four or five times, which then triggered a small avalanche.

Moving the rope apparently caused the snow on the roof to loosen up so that it could easily slip and slide to the surface.

He does the same thing over again until the entire roof is cleared of snow.

If you don’t want snow forming a deep level and causing problems on your roof that might require expensive repairs, then you can do this as often as you want during winter.

It’s a simple trick that doesn’t require much skill.

It also doesn’t cost anything but an investment in a long rope and hammer.

You may even enlist members of your family to pull the rope or have the kids play on the snow that will fall from the roof.

Imagine the countless times of fun your kids will have with you even if you’re actually doing some housework!

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