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Remember The Vet Who Sat Inside A Kennel So A Dog Would Eat? See Them One Year Later!

Dr. Andy Mathis made media headlines a year ago – due to the way he bonded with a timid and homeless Pit Bull named Graycie. She had previously refused to come out of her kennel and eat – and that troubled Dr. Andy. He then accompanied her by eating his lunch next to her – in her assigned kennel!

And that marked the start of a beautiful friendship – Dr. Andy ended up adopting Graycie, and now shes the mascot for the clinic itself!

Image Credit: Dr. Andy Mathis / YouTubeAnd today, the pair celebrate their 1 year anniversary together.

Image Credit: Dr. Andy Mathis / YouTube

How did they celebrate? By feasting together in a much more fanciful manner of course!

Check out the video below!

What a pair these two make!

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