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Soldier Exiting The Plane With Remains Of Fallen Hero Left In Tears After Hearing Students

An Army private was on a flight from Germany to Houston. He was escorting the remains of a fallen soldier. As the soldier was getting off the plane, there was an impromptu flare of patriotism that will bring a tear to your eye. The captain had just asked that everyone remain silent as the soldier escorted the remains of a WWII soldier off the plane.

The soldier and the remains were the first ones off the plane. One observer, Diane Hollifield Cupp, captured the incredible moment on video and uploaded it to Facebook. You will recognize the song the teen choir sang as “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” or as many of you know as “Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory.”

Take a look at this video

This is an incredible sign of respect and patriotism. According to Cupp’s post, the teens that were singing had been on a tour of Europe. Share away, people.