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How This Rejected Kitten Reacts When He Sees His Rescuer Is just Priceless

When Jasper was just a kitten, he was rejected by his mother. Jasper was the runt. Happily, a kind man saw more than just a runt and took the tiny creature in. Cats are often thought of as non-loving or non-cuddly creatures. It just isn’t true. My cats are some of the most loving and most cuddly animals ever!

Everyone has good days and bad – cats are no different. Some days they don’t want to interact with me, other days they follow me around. They are fickle! Anyway, Jasper loves his human and is willing to let his feelings be known! If you don’t have a cat – watch this video!

Take a look at this video

This is how loving cats can be! Jasper has his tail up and wants to snuggle with his human! This is 90 seconds of pure love! Jasper is one handsome (and lucky) cat!

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