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Fox Hears Something Deep In The Snow And His Next Move Is Amazing

Winter is here! In many places, snow is falling, and baby, it’s cold outside! But, that doesn’t mean every creature bundles up and stays inside. Wild animals still have to eat. So, they have to go outside and hunt for food – no matter how deep the snow is. But, animals have warm fur and thick pads on their feet to protect them from the cold.

Their prey may be harder to find, but what choice do they have? You gotta eat! This video features a wild red fox that is hunting mice. The mice thought they were lucky that 3 feet of snow had fallen – they thought they were safe. They were not! The narrator will explain the whole thing to you. So, sit back and watch the fox find the field mice deep within the snow.

Take a look at this video!

I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be willing to do that for a meal! Share away, people!