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Raven On Fence Squawks For An Hour. Finally Woman Realizes He’s Asking For Help

One day, a woman heard a loud squawking sound – it came from her fence. In response, she inspected the area, and saw a raven perched there. At first, it seemed like the raven was simply resting there – but this wasn’t the case. The woman was shocked to discover that the raven was covered in several porcupine quills.

Very carefully, the woman started plucking each and every one of the spiny quills from the bird’s body. After removing all of the porcupine quills, the raven stayed by the woman, thanking her for the kindness she showed him – what a smart bird!

Image Credit: iluvdodge9 / YouTube

The raven had also been affectionately named by the woman – she calls him ‘Best of luck Wilfred’! To this day, the woman hopes that they would meet again someday.

Image Credit: iluvdodge9 / YouTube

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