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They Tell Their Dog To Pick Out A Friend At The Shelter. What They Come Home With Is The BEST!

Most of us don’t get to pick our siblings. We just ‘get’ them automatically. If I could have chosen my siblings, I would have wanted a sister! Instead, I got two brothers – two great ones as it turns out! Christina and Vincent adopted a Tamaskan (bred from Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds) puppy and named her Raven.

The couple knew that Raven should have a sibling, so they took her to the shelter to let her pick one out! Lucky girl! This is the sibling she wanted – a kitten, named Woodhouse! In the video below, you see Raven as a small pup hanging out with her new sibling.

They both get a little bigger, and you can see that they have a tight bond. Wait until you see them playing together on the couch!

I have never seen a cat play with a dog like that! Share away, people.