Abandoned By Mom, Rare White Lion Cub’s Reaction When He Meets The Doggies Is Priceless!

Image Credit: Jon Watson / YouTube

The star of this video is an adorable white lion. The tiny cub was abandoned by his mom and needed a new family. Happily, he met some dogs and they formed a tight bond! Things are looking up for the tiny cub as he adjusts to life with his new family. The video was shared with us by a volunteer from South Africa!

What an amazing adventure it must be to volunteer with wild animals! The tiny lion cub seems to behave like a house cat (although he will grow to be much larger!) Fun facts – white lions are rare. Their coat color is the result of a mutation.

Take a look at this video

According to Wikipedia, it is a less severe mutation in the same gene that causes albinism. White lions in the wild are not at a disadvantage because of their coat color. Share away, people.