Image Credit: Jenni Benson / YouTube

Their mare, Daisy, was 7 days past her due date. Jenni and Guy were on edge.

Then they got the call that Daisy was about to give birth, so they rushed in to help.

Daisy delivered her foal, Don Quixote, without incident!

He did seem a little small, however, but everyone was just happy that he was a healthy boy.

Everyone waited around to see Don Quixote stand. As they were waiting, they couldn’t believe their eyes when Daisy delivered another baby!

This second foal was breech, though, and Guy had to pull on her to get her out.

She was named Duet. She is also rather small but had no trouble standing and drinking on her own.

You can watch the miracle babies in the videos below!

After a few weeks, the two foals were outside running alongside their mom.

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