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Rangers In Tears After Spotting Shivering Muddy Dog Chained To Cinder Block And Left To Die

While out patrolling near Longview Lake in Kansas City, Missouri, some park rangers heard a crying animal. It didn’t take them long to find a filthy yellow lab-shepherd mix tied to a cinder block. It was clear that the dog had been given a death sentence by his owners. At the vet, they discovered that the dog was in good health and had been neutered.

So, why would someone just leave him outdoors with no way to fend for himself? The dog, later named Deputy, is going to be searching for a forever home soon. The police are currently conducting an investigation to find the person(s) responsible for abandoning Deputy. If you can no longer care for your dog, surrender it to a shelter.

Take a look at this video

Dogs deserve better than to be left in the wilderness to die. Good Luck, Deputy! We hope you find a loving home soon!

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