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Mom In Crowd Can’t Find Her Daughter, But Then Famous Tennis Player Stops The Match To Find Her

In crowded situations, it can be hard to keep track of those around you. Even for parents trying to keep their children in check, the chaos of an area packed like sardines can cause kids to wander off, stop for too long, or simply accidentally become separated from their families. It happens to the best of parents!

At a tennis match in Mallorca, Spain featuring world tennis champion Rafael Nadal, this scene was unfolding in the bleachers. Nadal and Simon Solbas were playing a doubles match against John McEnroe and Carlos Moya at the time, and Nadal was about to serve the ball when he suddenly heard a loud shout.

Image Credit: YouTube

Nadal glanced up to see a woman looking extremely distressed in the stands, screaming “Clara!” at the top of her lungs. Immediately, the 32-year-old tennis pro stopped playing and directed attention to the predicament unfolding. The woman’s daughter was missing and she and her husband were desperately trying to search for her.

With the entire stadium’s attention drawn to the problem, it wasn’t long before little Clara was spotted a short distance away in a different part of the crowd, crying in fright. Mother and daughter were reunited, tears streaming down their faces, as the crowd clapped! The game then resumed as the family was able to sit down and relax to enjoy the rest of the competition.

Nadal’s professionalism and kindness at this moment speaks volumes of what kind of person he is! He’s a fantastic role model to sportsmen everywhere!