racist customer arabic speaking employee

With the creation of the internet, that sort of cultural exchange has become a phenomenon social scientists call globalisation.

By this point, it has become a sort of buzzword meant to describe just how interconnected we are, and it is serious enough a situation that there is plenty of discussions surrounding how internet culture seems to be slowly uniting us all.


That said, there are still plenty of close-minded, racist people in the world that don’t seem to tolerate, let alone accept the influx and mixing of new cultures and races.


People were doing their last-minute Christmas shopping at Macy’s when a man suddenly lambasting the ethnicity of a Dallas-based department store employee captured everyone’s attention.

The confrontation was quickly caught on camera by a nearby passer-by, who recorded the incident that occurred in a local Macy’s department store and later shared it on Twitter.

Twitter user Ricky, who withheld his last name to protect his privacy, was also at the scene at the time.

He shared a picture of the man on Twitter shortly afterwards, in hopes of pulling from the collective researching power of the Internet to find the identity of the man.

In his accompanying tweet, Ricky explained the situation as it unfolded from his point of view, which aligned with the video that had been taken by the bystander.


As it turned out, the angry customer was demanding a female employee to supply him a free box, presumably for wrapping up his purchase with.

Unfortunately, in order to have his purchase gift-wrapped, he was informed by the employee that he had to go to the upstairs section of the department store to have it done.

She then offered to send him the right way, and informed a colleague in Arabic about what needed to be done for the man.

However, the man proved himself to be an unpleasant customer refused the help, insisting he had this service provided to him there and then.


Initially, no one had paid attention, as angry customers are common in retail. However, the man started aggressively insulting the employee’s ethnicity, reducing the employee to tears.

In the video, a nearby shopper wearing a striped sweater can be seen trying to defend the employee.

In his anger, the unidentified man turned his ire against the woman as well, and demanded the manager to send security after her on the basis of interfering with his purchase.


Ricky, who was watching, had thought the scene so wild and out of the ordinary that he couldn’t help asking if this was a pre-planned, acted skit.

Alarmed by a man verbally abusing two women, a number of people gathered around to defend both the employee and the female shopper.

The customer then became increasingly flustered and retaliates by insulting the crowd, calling them all Arabs and Democrats while demanding them to return to their countries of origin.

It is alarming that something like this can still occur in this day and age, where we are expected to become more civilised people as time goes by.

Hopefully this man will be found and held responsible for his hate and verbal abuse towards an innocent person merely carrying out their job.

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