Cop Takes One Bite Of Taco Bell Quesadilla, Quickly Realizes What They Laced It With

Fast food is convenient, cheap, and well – fast, but it isn’t always the healthy choice. More and more we are hearing about the employees at fast food chains and how they treat their customers and a Taco Bell in Oklahoma City is the latest. Officer Shawn Byrne and his wife, Amanda, went to the Taco Bell after a charity event where he ordered a steak quesadilla at the drive-thru window.

spicy quesadilla
Image Credit: Facebook

The employee who took their order walked over to two fellow employees after Shawn had placed his order and they looked over at Shawn and laughed. When Shawn took a few bites of his quesadilla his mouth started to burn!

The following morning, Shawn’s eyes and mouth were still burning – that’s when he decided to go to the hospital.

spicy quesadilla
Image Credit: Google
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