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They Put A Bird Feeder Out Overnight, And Woke Up To The Most Hilarious Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Remember Bucky, the squirrel in animated movie ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ who is known for causing great mischief? Well, move aside Bucky, a new squirrel is in town – and its cuter than the animated version!

Squirrels are known for their little build and great snacking appetite for almost anything; ranging from nuts to fruits and even bread crumbs! One fanatic for all things au naturale decided to feed these furry creatures by leaving a bird feeder out filled with seeds. One squirrel took the bait.

This squirrel clearly had his fill after eating, as he fell asleep like this:

Image Credit: Boredom Therapy

Isn’t the squirrel such a cute little thing?

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