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Firefighter Rescues Pup But Can’t Stand Leaving Him Behind, So He Saves His Life Once More

This is the touching story of a dog’s love for her rescuer – animals can be thankful too, you know? Her rescuer’s name is Mike Thawley, a firefighter working for the local fire department in Sacramento, California located in the United States. She was formally an abused and greatly mistreated dog – with a nasty skin condition as proof of it.

Now named Chunkie by firefighter Mike, she was left with the caring staff of Front Street Animal Shelter, but was visibly upset once Mike departed! However, when Mike went back to the shelter to check up on Chunkie, not only did she remember him – she was so excited and ecstatic to see him!

Watch the video below!

Mike and his family are currently in talks with the staff of Front Street Animal shelter – they want to foster her, and possibly, adopt!

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