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Puppy Rushed To Emergency Clinic With A Heroin Overdose — Now His Owners Are In Big Trouble

People come up with a lot of different ways to cheat the system. One way is to change price tags. It is also called shoplifting by switching price tags. People who switch price tags do not intend to pay the full price for the product, so they switch the tag in the hopes of paying a lower price.

Seems like a lot of trouble to go through – plus, there are steep penalties if caught. A couple, Thomas Romero, 46, and Nina Crawford, 38, was suspected of switching price tags at a Home Depot in Carrollton, Texas. The police were called. The officers who were investigating the couple found a puppy in their car that was close to death.

dog and heroin

Image Credit: Carrollton Texas Police Department

The car was also full of drug paraphernalia. The four-month-old Chihuahua mix was found lying on the floorboard of the vehicle and appeared to be comatose according to police spokesperson Jolene DeVito.

dog and heroin

Image Credit: North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic