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Blind Golden Retriever Gets Adorable Guide Dog Buddy To Help Him Get Around

When you think of a guide dog, the first image that comes to mind might be an older dog that wears a vest or has some type of harness.

For people who have disabilities, a guide dog can be a lifesaver as the dog is trained to offer assistance in various situations, such as detecting low blood sugar or keeping someone safe during a seizure.

Chelsea and Adam Sipe have a blind dog.

They also have a tiny addition to their home as their dog has a puppy guide.

An 11-year-old golden retriever, Charlie has been blind for a few years.

Both of his eyes had to be removed because of glaucoma.

Although he’s not in pain, it’s been a difficult journey because he’s had to get accustomed to relying on his owners to help him around the house.

Maverick was adopted in January 2019.

It took Charlie some time to get used to the new dog, but he soon allowed the puppy to nap with him and share the home.

Chelsea and Adam started to notice little mannerisms and other details about the new puppy that were odd.

The dogs would play with each other, and Maverick would help Charlie when he would lose his toy.

He would also lead Charlie to his food and water bowls.

The small puppy started acting like a guide for the larger dog.

This made things much easier for Charlie as he had his own little partner to help him instead of relying on people all the time.

Charlie and Maverick sleep together and walk right beside each other with Maverick staying just a few steps in front of Charlie.

Maverick even pulls Charlie’s leash when they walk together.

Even though there was a rocky beginning, the two dogs are inseparable as Charlie has a new best friend.


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