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Puppy Gets Super Upset When The Ocean Destroys The Sand Hole He Build At The Beach (Video)

Have you ever built a huge, intricate sand castle at the beach only to have the tide wash it away? As a human, you do understand that the tide will eventually wash away any traces of a sand castle that you construct on the beach. But, it may not make the loss any less disappointing.

Hopefully, you get some photos of you and your masterpiece before it is gone forever. If you are Angus, the Golden Retriever, the tide is a mystery and isn’t appreciated at all. One day, Angus dug himself the perfect hole in the sand. Then a rogue wave came in and filled his beautiful, cozy hole with water. Angus is visibly upset!

Take a look at this video!

Before the water filled his hole, Angus tried to bark at the water warning it to stay away! Of course, it didn’t work, and the water filled his hole. Better luck next time, Angus!
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