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See How This Loving Momma Teaches Her New Puppy To Use The Doggy Door!

Momma dogs have a lot to teach their little ones. The puppies have to learn how to eat, play nice, and how to ‘listen’ to momma. Some puppies catch on quickly. Others may take some time. Once the puppies are older, their momma may have other lessons to teach them – like how to use a doggie door.

Did you ever stop to think how scary a doggie door can be to use? That thing swings mercilessly back and forth – how do you get through? Surely you will lose a toe or the tip of your tail if you don’t go through fast enough – right? Watch the video below how the momma dog shows her little pup how to navigate the doggie door.

Take a look at this video

Such patience she had. The puppy seems determined not to use the door! How brave was that little pup?! Good music is playing for you too!

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