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Puppy Who Was Hit By Car Waits 12 Hours Paralyzed In A Snowy Ditch For Someone To Help

They were able to call Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force for help. It is too bad that the person who hit her didn’t realize it – or just kept going. Perry said the tall grass that surrounded her made it all that much harder to find her.

If Nutmeg had been there much longer, she would have just kept sinking down further. As you can see, Nutmeg was very happy to be found!

Nutmeg was treated at the Southern Alberta Veterinary Emergency (SAVE) and is recovering in foster care.

Nutmeg has a long road, though. She will have to spend a lot of time on ‘bed rest’ – in her crate. But, she is a happy dog who wags her tail when people come to see her. She will be put up for adoption once she is better. Share away, people.