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Puppy Dies After Children Allegedly Stab Him With Stick

An incident involving animal abuse occurred in Mesquite, Texas. A woman saw some children in the park stabbing two puppies with sticks so she made a call to a Dallas animal rescue organization immediately. Thankfully, she had managed to gather the puppies and take them to the local animal shelter before they could do more harm. The puppies were named Macey and Hogan. Hogan especially, was unable to walk after the abuse.

Macey however, stayed by his side and snuggled next to him. Sadly, Hogan did not survive even though he underwent surgery. Macey now mourns her now dead brother, feeling lonely and sad that he will never return. The authorities is now calling out the public for any witnesses of this incident to bring justice for the these puppies.

Take a look at this poor pup:

Image Credit: CBS DALLAS

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