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Puppy Meets A Cheetah Cub — After Two Years, They Are Unexpectedly Inseparable

It has been long said that canines and felines do not get along. Or do they? One pair’s story went viral on the internet – a story of an unlikely yet strong friendship.

This is the story of Ruuxa the cheetah and Raina the dog, residents of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park located in the United States.

They were introduced to each other at a young age, and bonded instantly. Ruuxa suffered a limb deformation since birth, and Raina was always there for him.

Image Credit: San Diego Zoo

Ruuxa was bow-legged, and zoo veterinarians recommended to his trainers that he’ll need to undergo corrective limb surgery if he ever wished to run again.

Image Credit: San Diego Zoo

Raina was there for Ruuxa before, during and after the surgery, never leaving his side whenever he needed a helping hand.

Image Credit: San Diego Zoo