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Puppy Is Unconscious In The Afghanistan Desert — Then These Soldiers Rush To His Rescue

This is a true story of pure animal love and bravery in the middle of the desert heat in Afghanistan. Amidst the harsh weather and horribly warm temperatures, two notable figures, Colonel Reijersen and Major Barnett, have saved a young puppy from death. They were on camp patrol before the rescue.

The dog needed medical help ASAP – and the duo had limited supplies on hand. Time was also running out – which proved to be highly unfavorable for the poor pup.

Image Credit: teamfarce / YouTube

Their quick wit to save the pup caused the soldiers to pull out tubes of saline solutions out from the only first-aid kit they had on hand.

Image Credit: teamfarce / YouTube

Thankfully, that was exactly what the pup needed to get all better again!

Image Credit: teamfarce / YouTube

Check out the rescue below!

The puppy has also been ferried to a nearby animal clinic and has been reported to be doing well. These soldiers are truly the bravest souls ever!

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