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Rescue Crews Searching For Survivors After Deadly Avalanche End Up Rescuing Puppies

Both Cloud and Lupo made it safely to a nearby village and were unharmed. You can watch the uplifting rescue in the video below. On January 26, BBC News reported that the last two missing people had been found and removed from the hotel.

puppy rescue

Image Credit: Vigili del Fuoco

The final death toll was 29. Forty people were inside the hotel when the avalanche hit. Eleven people were pulled out alive. According to the BBC News, the avalanche was traveling about 60 mph when it hit the hotel.

It is estimated that the avalanche weighed nearly 120,000 tons. It took rescue workers several hours to get to the hotel because the roads were blocked with snow. This was the deadliest avalanche in Italy since 1916.

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