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Pup Was Returned To A Shelter Because Her Owner Claimed She Was Too Clingy

Meet Jubilee, a pooch who suffers from severe cases of anxiety – both within herself, in public and around humans. This had proved too much for the last person who adopted her, as Jubilee was returned to the Montgomery County Shelter located in Texas. Jubilee was described as a destructive and clingy dog. She had destroyed most of his property back at his house – and realized that Jubilee needed special care.

It was up to the shelter staff to find her a new home, before she is euthanized for good. Jubilee’s story touched the hearts of many on social media, and many stepped forward to offer her a home! Eventually, Jubilee went home with a very special couple the very next day!

Image Credit: Buzz60 / YouTube

Jubilee’s new owners also hired a certified dog trainer to help Jubilee in coping with her various anxiety issues – she quickly adapted to her new life, and reportedly coping well. She also loves her new canine sister, whom she models her social skills after!

Image Credit: Buzz60 / YouTube

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