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This Pup Couldn’t Be Prouder Because She Planted A Garden With Her Poop!

We all know that manure makes good fertilizer – right? You can go to Home Depot and buy bags of manure for your garden. This is Meya, the corgi. The two-year-old dog ate a pumpkin last October much to the chagrin of her owner Alexandra Gleber.

The pumpkin was being used as a Halloween decoration and wasn’t supposed to be a dog treat! A few days later, um, Meya pooped out some of the seeds. Instead of picking up the poop, Gleber just buried it where it was.

Southern California got a lot of rain in January and February and wouldn’t you know it – the pumpkin plant sprouted! It was fertilized by Meya’s poop! As you can see, Meya is quite proud of her pumpkin plant.

I think she is just excited that she will have another pumpkin to eat soon!

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