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Adorable Dog Calls His Mom While She’s At Work Because It Misses Her

Technology today allows us to do things that we could only dream about – live talking to a person across the country on video!

Stanley, the Airedale terrier, is about to talk to his mom on the phone.

dog talking to mommy

Image Credit: YouTube

Stanley misses his mom very much, and dad has decided to let the two talk so Stanley can hear her voice (and complain about her being gone)!

As soon as Jennifer gets on the phone and Stanley realizes it is her – he starts his complaining!

dog talking to mommy

Image Credit: YouTube

Jennifer tries to sweet talk him, and Stanley just complains!

He howls and sings for his momma!

Deep down, Stanley just misses his mom.

You get the sense that Stanley wishes his mom was home right now so he could shower her with kisses!

Take a look at this video!

Hopefully, Jennifer’s shift ends soon so she and Stanley can have an in-person conversation!

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