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Pup Was Acting Strange Around The Window, Family Took A Closer Look And Their Eyes Widened In Surprise

Dogs are curious animals – but they have their own quirks of their own as well. Meet this boxer, who was frightened away by a feather after merely catching a slight glimpse of it! His owner video-taped the whole thing down – and boy was he amused when he saw his dog pouncing about, then away from a single little feather!

Image Credit: Waggle Tv / YouTube

The newness of the feather had lured the boxer in for a closer look, but upon close inspection, he saw what he didn’t like. His owner had tried to coax him, telling him that the feather was harmless – but the boxer didn’t listen, must to his amusement!

Image Credit: Waggle Tv / YouTube

Check out this video:

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