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He Pulls Over At Sight Of Man Crawling On All Fours, It Doesn’t Take Long For Truth To Get Out

David Lee Witherspoon is a talented man and certainly knows how to help others who are in need. The St. Vincent de Paul food pantry volunteer had recently noticed a homeless man crawling across the road. He stopped his car immediately and made a decision to help him. He saw that the man did not have any shoes on and wore socks on his hands to help him crawl across the road.

Image Credit: ABC15 Arizona / YouTube

During the summer in Arizona, it can be dangerous by spending time outside of a shade due to the heat. Most people would not even walk their dogs during midday as the surfaces would be too hot for their dogs to walk on. Homeless people, however, have no choice but to cope with the heat. This homeless man did not even have shoes on!

Image Credit: ABC15 Arizona / YouTube

David grabbed a bottle of water after stopping his car and proceed to help the man to cool his feet! His actions did not go unnoticed as someone saw his good deed and filmed it down. The local news soon got wind of the news and broadcasted it on television.

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