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Passenger Climbs On Public Bus, Horrified By What’s Crawling In Woman’s Hair

In Mexico, a bus passenger’s hair was literally full of lice! Another passenger decided to film the lice as the woman just sat there with a nightmare. She was completely unaware that her head was being filmed! As you can imagine, many people reacted to the post. Some people really had nothing nice to say at all – is the woman going to see any of those comments?

Probably not, so why type them out? According to the Centers for Disease Control, head lice cannot hop or fly, so there was little chance that anyone on the bus would ‘catch’ lice from the woman. Lice typically spread through either head-to-head contact or if you come into contact with clothing, brushes, or combs.

Take a look at this video

The CDC also states that personal hygiene has little to do with lice infestation. We don’t know this woman’s story or living situation, we should just keep our comments to ourselves. Share away, people.