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Proud K9 Helped His Partner Rescue 3 Abandoned Puppies Who Were Left To Die Alone

This past week in Atlanta, K9 officer, Tek, and his human handler Trooper Jordan Ennis, found three young dogs in a deserted subdivision. The area where the three dogs were found is a known dumping ground in Southwest Atlanta. The three pups had been abandoned and were cowering in a bush – trying to stay out of sight.

Tek and Ennis quickly loaded the three pups into the patrol car. Tek was happy to keep them company. Happily, the puppies were all taken to police headquarters and were all quickly adopted! The person(s) responsible for abandoning the puppies is probably never going to be found. The story had a happy ending anyway!

Life as a trooper is not without its surprises. Luckily, troopers don’t find abandoned puppies every day – but when they do, you can rest assured that they would be in good hands. Good job Tek!

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