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She Gets All Dressed Up To Sparkle At Prom. Then Her Date Realizes Something About Her…

Have you ever watched the movie titled ‘Mean Girls’? I’m sure you have. The movie has accurately described the modern teenage era, where labels, stereotypes and cliques are prominent and seemed to run within society’s social circles. One school has sought to end this prejudice once and for all with their new program.

Called the Circle of Friends, Middletown High School located in Delaware, pairs students with their schoolmates who have special needs – on a weekly meeting basis. The aim is to make the teenagers today realize that people with special needs aren’t as different as we’d normally think they are – they share the same interests and hobbies, too! Chip, a soccer player was partnered with Claire, who is developmentally delayed because of a genetic disorder – their meeting has broadened his view of the world since they got to know one another! Clare was also Chip’s date for prom!

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This a great example of inner beauty, not just looks and behavior.

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