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Husband Freaks Out When Pregnant Wife Dances So Hard Her Water Breaks

Being pregnant can be pretty exhausting, so imagine what it’s like for expecting mothers who are a whopping nine months pregnant and ready for a baby to pop out at any moment! This mother-to-be was expecting a child any day now, but that didn’t stop her from doing everyday chores.

Her husband was so nervous watching her do the dishes and get the mop out and tried to convince her to sit down and let him handle it, but she jokingly told him not to mess with her and she put some music on.

As the beat in the music kicked in, the woman began to dance in a comical yet sensual way for fun, and her husband can’t help but laugh. She really gets into it, showing us that being pregnant doesn’t have to stop you from having a good time and grooving to some tunes if you want to.

But then something shocking happened. As the song reached its end, the woman found herself needing to lean against the cupboard for support, and all of a sudden, her water broke! It was as if her dance was welcoming her baby into the world. Panic immediately ensues as her husband rushes towards her to rush her to a hospital!

This funny video with an unexpected twist ending is hilarious and cute in its own way! Fair warning, there is quite a bit of swearing towards the end of this video – and it’s an understandable amount, considering what just happened!

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