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Woman Films Pregnant Friend Taking Selfie With Tiger, Captures Moment Cat Notices Her Baby Belly

Contrary to popular belief, animals do actually understand human emotions. Family pets are a good example but what about wild animals? Yes, even wild animals like this tigress here. This tigress had made the local headlines when a pregnant woman tried to take a selfie in front of her enclosure.

According to the local news, Brittany Smith Osborne visited the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana with her friends. One of her friends, Natasha, was already 27 weeks pregnant at that time. When they came to the tiger enclosure, Natasha became excited as a tigress was close to the glass. So she tried to take a selfie of herself with the tigress while Brittany was filming her. Much to their surprise, the tigress immediately took notice of Natasha’s pregnancy and had an astonishing reaction!

Check out this video:

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