Some moments have such a huge impact on us that they become unforgettable memories that remain with us forever.

For Joey and Kristen Miasciantonio, it was the moment their baby girl met the pope.

Gianna, the daughter of Joey and Kristen, was diagnosed with a very rare blood disease and had a tumor in her brain.

Being devout Catholics, they prayed every day that their baby would be healed.

Then, one day, when Pope Francis came to visit Philadelphia, a family friend named Donny Asper gave them a call.

Asper is an FBI agent, and at the time, he was helping out with the security detail for the Pope’s visit.

He told the couple to bring Gianna with them and come down to meet the Pope as soon as they could!

Image Credit: YouTube

At first, the couple was nervous because of the huge amount of people who would be there, but their doctor assured them it would be fine, and Kristen truly wanted to go.

So they made their choice and headed downtown to see the Pope.

They soon found themselves waiting on Market Street, along the way to the James S. Byrne Courthouse, where the religious figure would be passing.

Joey caught sight of the Pope approaching and lifted Gianna up into the air.

A security guard who saw them grabbed her and carried her to the Pope, who was waving to the crowd from his car.

Without hesitation, the man leaned down and pressed a kiss to Gianna’s head!

It was a moment that Joey and Kristen would never forget.

Image Credit: YouTube

But it wasn’t just an incredible moment for that interaction.

Six weeks later, Gianna’s new scans came back and revealed something incredible: her tumor had shrunk so much that it was barely visible anymore.

Slowly, Gianna began to become more active, and her parents truly believe that a miracle took place that day. W

Whether or not you believe in miracles or God, you can’t deny the magic of this moment!

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